5 Apr

Work Part-Time while Study Abroad

Being able to work part-time while you study overseas can be a prospective opportunity to earn some money to straight out your expenses and gain some experience in respective markets. Even though working while studying may sound as a strenuous choice, the merits of it always outweigh the strain associated with it.

Pre-requisites for part-time permit

In most of the cases, the courses selected must be full-time in order to get qualified for a part-time work permit. Possible options may vary depending on the chosen country, as different countries have different regulations regarding work available to international students.

Things to take into account while considering a part-time job

While searching for a part-time job several elements have to be taken into consideration apart from the legal aspect of it. The nature and working hours of the job should be such that, the studies must not be interrupted, and should ideally be providing good work experience which opens future opportunities.

Here is a list of the most commonly available jobs for international students.

  • Work at the University
  • On – campus jobs are the most popular and at the same time the most hard to get option for students. The choice of jobs available may range from working in the cafeteria, or computer centres to working for students union, where one gets ample chances to actively interact with other domestic and international students.

  • Call Centres
  • If you are looking for a job that can make some serious contributions to your budget, working at call centres can be your best choice. The job demands candidates to have good communications skills, friendly nature, and good product service knowledge in customer support roles. Tele-sales roles bring commission prospects apart from salary, but can be very strenuous at times.

  • Restaurants and Bars
  • Finding a job at restaurants / bars is relatively easy as the demand for such jobs are always high. As an international student you could work as a waiter, bar staff or even in the kitchen. Most of the timings the work can be physically demanding and long evening work hours can interfere with your academic performance.

  • Volunteering
  • Opportunities for volunteers is endless and being one can be very rewarding and interesting. Lot of companies and organisations are looking for volunteers, and hence provides international students with good industry experience.

  • Delivery Jobs
  • Education & experience doesn’t matter with this job. The basic requirement is a G license and clean driving abstract. The major employers are fast food chains, courier services, super markets & grocery stores.

  • Security Services
  • Another part-time option for international students is with security services company. The aspirant should complete a 40 hour security license training program with a first aid and CPR certification and should pass the test.