23 Sept

Ain't no UKVI for Nurses and Doctors anymore

The most recent news about the waiver of UKVI version of language have been an air of relief for the qualified overseas medical professionals. The UK Home Office announced on 9th September 2019 that, the doctors, dentists, nurses and midwives who have already passed an English Language Test (IELTS/OET) accepted by the relevant professional body, do not have to sit for another English test before entering the UK on a Tier 2 visa.

Nurses or doctors applying for UK Tier-2 Visa will be exempted from UKVI English language requirement. As per the advice from Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) the Home office has decided to scrap the English test. This change will enable the hospitals and medical practices across the country to access the overseas staff they need in a faster and hassle-free manner. Presently over 40,000 vacancies exist in different parts of the country, owing to various governmental policies and demographic requirements

Nurses will be able to use their standard IELTS or OET Score results which they used to support their NMC registration.